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In Reverse Psychology you will experience the life of a "normal" young man.

He gets involved in a romantic and sexual relationship with his "best friend", his "landlady" discovers them and from here he starts to have a serious social problem.

After a while his "landlady" sends him to a psychologist who is not very... conventional. She helps him with his insecurity and, contrary to what you would think, helps our protagonist to move forward in his relationship with his "best friend".

Besides, inside his body there's something incredible, something... from another world!

Put yourself in the protagonist's shoes and help him, along with the other people he meets along the way, to get his "landlady" to accept his "unusual" relationship and to accept his own nature.

And who knows... maybe his "landlady" will also...


En Reverse Psychology podrás experimentar la vida de un joven "normal".

Él se involucra en una relación amorosa y sexual con su "mejor amiga", su "casera" los descubre y desde aquí empieza a tener un serio problema social.

Después de un tiempo su "casera" lo envía donde una psicóloga la cual es poco... convencional. Esta le ayuda con su inseguridad y, distinto a lo que se pensaría, le ayuda a nuestro protagonista a sacar adelante su relación con su "mejor amiga".

Además, dentro de su cuerpo existe algo increíble, algo... ¡de otro mundo!

Ponte en los zapatos del protagonista y ayúdalo, junto a las demás personas que va conociendo en su camino, a conseguir que que su "casera" acepte su relación "poco común" y a aceptar su propia naturaleza.

Y quién sabe... tal vez su "casera" también se...


+ More than 4654 renders.

+ More than 300 animations.

+ 12 women with main stories.

+ 1 woman with secondary story.

+ English / Español

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Updated 7 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Tags3D, Adult, android, Erotic, NSFW, Point & Click, Romance, Sandbox, sexual-content


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Reverse Psychology v0.17.0 - PC
Reverse Psychology v0.17.0 - Mac
Reverse Psychology v0.17.0 - Android (x64)
Reverse Psychology v0.17.0 - Android (x32/x86)

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How to go further with the night club. I've come there during the night but the only place i can enter is Club Basement. What shall i do?


A couple times the english translation didn't show up and i got the original spanish text. Other than that congrats, that's a nice game you have here.


Loving the game so far, Rose, Agata + her family and Madison are by far my favorite characters lo

whats with the 2 android downloads? which should I download?

Where can i find the blueprint vox


any femdom in this game and character name, please?

No. At least not in a hard way. There's only one scene with a bit of fendom, but very soft and I don't plan to go that way much.

which character name please


Is the mc gonna develop something like mind powers, like manipulation or similiar?

No. The powers he develops are based only on his superhuman strength.


Where i can find blueprint box?iam stuck in there

I think my game is bugged. Im on the part where it says "massage rachel in the secret room at night" but when I go there at night the event does not trigger how can I fix this?

You have to trigger it by messaging her.

It is not automatic.

but I can't massage her because she isnt in the secret room at night

But you have a cell phone at the bottom left of the screen. Try to use it when you are in the secret room.

Is there a way to use the old save? I have completed the whole thing in previous version.

The reason why old save files cannot be used is because in each new update I create new variables for new characters, maps, events, etc, and these new variables would not update correctly with old saves. I am currently working on a system to jump to the latest version content.

Is there a walkthrough for this? Valery, Rose, and Madie all say that Rachel's story must progress before they'll be active again. Rachel says Agata's story must progress; I haven't met her yet (unless she's Valery's boss, Dr. Hannah). Zoe requires Anna's story to progress, which requires that i find out more about the Ladies's Club; the only people I've been able to ask about that (Zoe and Rose) know nothing.

I know of two events coming up, but have played through a couple of weeks with no progress (I'm supposed to fill in at the Cafe for Jon so he can do the lab's server maintenance, and get Dr. Hannah's door code for me; I'm supposed to be arranging something special before Rachel and I go all the way, but there're been no options so I can proceed with that.

Have tried Android version, and Windows version (with Joiplay) on my Android device, with the same results.

Any suggestions as to what I may have missed?

You also have to talk to Melany at her house about the Lady's Club.

Thanks. May have to restart again, since i never saw that option, and Melany has disappeared (it says her story's over until the next update).

(1 edit)

You don't have to restart, she is always at home in the mornings.

Ah, thank you, things are moving along again.

I may have started to forget to check everything in the morning after my second talk with Dr. Hannah; I usually do my shift at the market first thing.

im stuck at "i need to send my location in the alley" where i can find the alley?

Hi, sorry for the delay in responding.

Remember that before entering the basement of the Lady's Club there is an alley.

thanks, already finished the the story

waiting for the next version


I look forward to more!